Control Theory

Since in day by day work I need to review some theory of automatic control, the idea is to upload some concepts caught in some years of own studying right after the graduation in control theory..

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UAV of the dreams

Here I am. Even though I did not care much about this blog here I want to present a very new project. I am going to build a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which its flight control system is based on sliding mode control. The  UAV will be a quadcopter but the airframe hasn’t bought yet. So far I’ve built only a home-lab power supply (  a new one it would have cost me several hundreds of euros) and I am able to control in a open loop way the speed of  one engine (HK turnigy) by mean of microcontroller ( for timing reason I have chosen an Arduino 2009 but as I find more time I will upgrade the code into a dsPIC33 or STM32 Cortex M3 MCU). Least but not last I want to thank the engineer Mr. Marco Brunengo for his help over electronic design phase.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my space!

In this blog you will find some topic about control systems theory. Some projects written in Matlab/Simulink will be uploaded time to time. As you can see the graphic of the website is primitive but I hope the contents are appropriate and helpful.

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